PRPL Onboarding

First Day

Getting Started

Shake those first day jitters

So you're assembling the perfect first-day attire and setting your seven alarms an hour early to make sure you're not a minute late. Here's what else you need to know to make day smooth sailing.

PRPL Pro-Tip:

Bring a sweater and an umbrella. It can be the Arctic Tundra inside and the Amazon outside.

Show Up

On your first morning, just head straight up to the office to get started. Throughout the day, you'll get the grand tour, a company orientation, opportunities to meet your teammates, project information downloads, and training. We'll get you set up, logged in, armed, and ready to tackle your new role.

Your team is excited to get to know you better, so we've arranged for them to take you out for a first-day lunch. It's on us, so no need to pack a brown bag.

Who to Know

Friendly Faces

If you haven't met us already, these friendly faces are here to help make your transition into PRPL easy. If you've got questions, we've got answers.

Samantha Cooke

Curator of Culture
Thrower of parties, keeper of secrets, giver of hugs. Sam is embodiment of a warm chocolate chip cookie. Come to her when you're in need of comfort.

Rich Wahl

President & COO
AKA The swiss army knife and lover of M&M's

Adam Bullinger

Finance Manager
Adam's got you covered with all things money, including paychecks, 401Ks, health insurance, and expense reports.
Paul Hilt headshot

Collin Garvey

Development Manager
When technology turns against you, email it@prpl.rs and it's Collin to the rescue.


Remember that time you didn't know where the bathroom was? Aww.

Key Cards

On your first day at the office we're handing you the keys (literally), except they will look more like a key card. You will use it to enter the office from the front door or balcony, as well as to operate the elevators after 7 p.m. Scanning your key card also deactivates the motion detection alarm system that keeps all our Macs and snacks safe. So, do your best not to lose it. If you do, let HR know.

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